Mini Apple Pies Video Recipe

This video recipe is a variation on the Mini Quiches and Cherry Tarts from the previous post. The caramel sauce in this version was slightly chewier than desired, but the flavor was great. The next batch, not in the video, … Continue reading

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Half a Pie Crust as Mini Quiches and Strawberry Tarts

Today’s cafe style lunch came together very quickly, and was one of the most delicious and satisfying lunches I’ve had in weeks. I initially planned to use the half pie crust, or pate brisee for a variation on peanut butter … Continue reading

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Kitchen Cleaning

One undesirable side effect of cooking often is the need to clean. I prefer to use all natural and animal safe cleaning products throughout the household. For cleaning in the kitchen, I have stumbled upon a few essential cleaning tools. … Continue reading

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Mayonnaise Substitues

Mayonnaise is a great binder and flavor enhancer for salads, sauces and sandwiches. However, it is nice to have a substitute for mayonnaise at times. It can be high in cholesterol and sometimes just seems gross. Mayonnaise Substitues Mashed avocado … Continue reading

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Blue Cornmeal

One day while shopping at Natural Grocer’s, I discovered organic blue cornmeal at a decent price. I grabbed the bag planning on making corn tortillas, but unexpectedly found some great recipes for baking with the blue cornmeal. One of my … Continue reading

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Caramel Sauce vs Caramel Syrup

Caramel syrup is thin and runny (like maple syrup), translucent and contains little to no cream. Caramel sauce is usually thick and gooey, opaque and contains cream and butter. I took a caramel sauce recipe, and instead of adding cream … Continue reading

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Baking with Honey

Honey is a somewhat magical natural substance, produced by the ever more scarce honey bee. Honey can often be substituted for sugar in baking, presenting a healthier alternative to satisfy those post dinner cravings for sweets. Honey is also used … Continue reading

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High Butter or Oil (Fat) Content Recipes

Sometimes it is desirable to add a high amount of fat to your diet. Here are a few recipes that have high amounts of either vegetable oil or butter. Hershey’s Best Brownies (one of the highest fat per servings recipes) … Continue reading

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